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At MasterSgtJaqt.com, you can shop for the best quality and top of the line protein supplements available in the supplement industry today. Whether you prefer a plain whey protein or a more concentrated isolate protein, MasterSgtJaqt.com has what you want to satisfy your protein supplement needs. An intense exercise program, "especially" weight training, requires protein intake for muscle recovery and growth. Come to MasterSgtJaqt.com, browse our line of protein products, select your favorite flavors and purchase your protein supplement today. We guarantee fast service and delivery direct to your door, so you can order from the convenience of your home or office or while you are on the go!

Strength training requires protein in the body for muscle recovery and rebuilding.   Whey proteins are a good source of amino acids and nutrients that the body needs after an intense workout.  Studies have shown that protein supplements (available at MasterSgtJaqt.com) can also help to increase strength and lean body mass.   If you are lactose intolerant or allergic to other proteins, supplementation is the way to go!  Whey supplements are an "invaluable" source of protein for those who are unable to consume an adequate amount through dieting.  There are two types of protein available today, whey and casein.   First, whey protein is absorbed quickly by the body meaning it is a great "after" work out supplement to help replenish needed nutrients.  Casein, on the other hand, is a "slower" releasing protein and is best used during the anabolic muscle building state at night.   Whey protein isolate is a form of whey "without" lactose, fat or carbohydrates which makes for higher levels of protein consumption.  Shop for your favorite protein supplements at MasterSgtJaqt.com today!