Okay, you’re working out! You’re exercising! You’re stretching, jogging, running and lifting! You go to the track or to the gym regularly! You may be preparing for your military PT test or prepping for Ninja Warrior competition! Way to go! You’ve decided to exercise and we salute you! Whether you are active military, prior military or never have been in the military, we all have set the same common goal for fitness and that is to feel better, look better, live healthier and prolong our lives!

And to help you consistently meet and most times exceed that goal, let Master Sergeant Jaqt, head of TEAM JAQT, guide you to the finest selection of workout products available anywhere with the convenience and confidence of shopping from and delivery directly to your own home or office or base or wherever you reside.

The members of TEAM JAQT at are committed and make it their priority to give you top quality personal service of the highest standards that you should expect and deserve with quality, integrity and honesty.

Just Do It! Muscle Up!

Owned and operated by a retired US Military Veteran and avid body builder for all the fitness-minded, wherever they may be!

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